Custom Installations

Here at CRUISERS, we aren't limited to installing just “typical” police vehicle equipment. In addition to the custom modification services that we offer with our own manufactured products, we also offer unique vehicle up-fitting services. We have built several customized solutions for sport utility vehicles, trucks, cars, motorcycles, and more for numerous police departments, fire departments, border patrols, and homeland security units. Please take a look at some of the unique solutions that we have most recently provided:



This department had large camera (used to protect our Nation’s border) on a scissor lift in the rear of their truck. They needed a way to easily use the camera, and to also safely store it in the rear of the vehicle when it was not in use. They also needed a way to concisely integrate all of their controls into the interior of the truck cab.


Our design team customized an ordinary truck bed storage cap to house the rising scissor lifted camera by first removing a portion of the cap. Then our design team fabricated a new lid with a waterproof sealing system, which will protect the camera when it is not in use. In addition, the interior controls in the truck cab were integrated into a modified ABC Center Console.

Interior Controls

Camera Stowed In Rear of Truck Interior View of Waterproof Lid
Exterior View of Water Proof Lid Exterior View Of Rising Camera Camera Raised on Scissor Lift

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