CRUISERS is a Michigan based manufacturer and installer of police and other emergency vehicle equipment. CRUISERS concentrates on integrating both efficiency and safety into the design of all of our interior components, which enables us to provide superior interior solutions to the law enforcement and emergency service community.


November 6, 2008
Cruisers Introduces 2009 Ford F-150, Tahoe, Expedition Rear Window Guards

May 2, 2008
Cruisers Introduces Full Width Trunk Mounting Tray for the Crown Victoria

October 6, 2006
Cruisers Introduces Ford F-150 Rear Window Guards




Window Guards
Window Guards are an inexpensive way to deter window and door damage while also providing added security. The guards can be easily installed within minutes.

Available for: Crown Victoria, Impala, Expedition, Explorer,
F-150, and Tahoe

Dual Vertical Weapon Mount
The Dual Vertical Gun Mount is a simple concise solution to mounting 2 different weapons. We specialize in customizing different weapon mounting solutions based on your unique specifications.

Available for: Most Vehicle Platforms

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